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Third Grade


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Tables and Lists


Metric System Temperature Measuring Volume Measuring Weight Measuring Length Units of Measurement


Time Problems and Operations Tell The Time To The Nearest Five Minutes Tell The Time


Algebraic Equations Drills


Symmetry Coordinate Planes Area and Perimeter


Multiplying and Dividing Fractions Multiplying Fractions Adding and Subtracting Fractions Subtracting Fractions Adding Fractions Fractions as a Part of The Whole Comparing Fractions Fractions Equivalence Number Line With Fractions

Mixed Operations

Mixed Multiplication and Division


Multi-digit Mental Division Mental Division Single-digit Mental Division Single-digit Divisors


Factors and Multiples Two-digit Mental Multiplication Two-digit Multiplication Single-digit Multiplication Multiplication Table


Multi-digit Subtraction Multi-digit Subtraction With Regrouping Two-digit Subtraction Two-digit Mental Subtraction Two-digit Subtraction With Regrouping Two-digit Subtraction Without Regrouping


Multi-digit Addition Multi-digit Addition With Regrouping Multi-digit Addition Without Regrouping Three-digit Addition Three-digit Addition With Regrouping Three-digit Addition Without Regrouping

Number Sense

Roman Numbering System Rounding Multi-digit Numbers Rounding to the Nearest 100 Rounding to the Nearest 10 Place Value Multi-digit Place Value Three-digit Place Value Multi-digit Numbers Three-digit Numbers Numbers in words
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